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Why don't you launch your products in attractive Japan?

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Our Business

Japan wants your products!

We participate in trade shows

all over the world
and sell wonderful products to customers all over Japan.

We are familiar with Japanese e-commerce, business practices and customer needs and believe we can become your best business partner in Japan.

We have staff who are fluent in English, which will make smooth business negotiations possible.

Let us sell ​​your products through a risk-free crowdfunding to a huge and hot market.

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What Do We Offer

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We can have an online business negotiation via Skype or zoom.

Client 2


We can create a page with photos and videos in order to convey the product's appealing points and promote it to Japanese customers.

Client 3


We will launch the project on a crowdfunding site such as Makuake.

Client 1


If the project is successful and gains great popularity, we will also move on to the B to B market. We will also sell products at amazon, rakuten, as well as physical stores to further your business in Japan.

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Meet the Team

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Fumiya Nakamura

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Makuake is the most common crowdfunding service provider in Japan.

It was established in 2013, and it has generated $ 1.3 billion in sales by 2019.

It was newly listed on the Tokyo Stock Exchange Mothers Market in December 2019.

We also utilize other crowdfunding plat forms such as GREEN FUNDING and CAMPFIRE.

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Success Stories

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CEO Fumiya Nakamura

2418-3, Jichumachi, Shimabara Shi, Nagasaki Ken, 855-0006, Japan

NAATS International Inc.

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